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Get legally admissible evidence from the internet


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How we are helping in access to justice?

Methods used to capture content from the internet like screenshots are insufficient as legal evidence in court.


We help to capture the contents immediately in evidentiary quality before it is altered or removed on the internet may it be social media, websites, blogs, emails or chats in an easy way.


Screenshots are not enough!

Screenshots and other such files can easily be edited. Digital evidence requires proof of authenticity & integrity. The chain of custody should also be secure and all this should be verifiable by any 3rd party. You could be at the risk of having a piece of inadmissible evidence, we help you overcome this worry. 


Extensive Application

Our extensive platform support will help you gather evidence for a  wide range of use cases. Literally anything on the internet. Need additional support? 

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No extra technical or legal expertise required

Minutes required to understand how to use our service and produce digital evidence in courts. We have done an extensive study to make this easy for you.


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