What is ExpertEvidence.Org

ExpertEvidence.Org, is an online service to quickly and easily capture, preserve or generate digital evidence in a court admissible way.

Online Evidence

Why use this service?

Screenshots, simple printouts and other such files can easily be edited. Digital evidence requires proof of authenticity & integrity. The chain of custody should also be secure and all this should be verifiable by any third party. You could be at the risk of having a piece of inadmissible evidence, we help you overcome this worry.

What is Do it Yourself Portal?

DIY Portal, is a do-it-yourself portal which allows you to collect publicly visible online content such as websites, blogs etc by your own by just entering the URL.

What is Assisted Capture?

We will be guiding you to capture any web based evidence such as facebook, e-mails, webpages etc from your computer with remote access to our system. You will be getting all of them as a court admissible evidence in a single file. Kindly keep all the URLs ready before we engage, for a faster service.

Offline Evidence

Why use this service?

Using this service, you will generate evidence which will help you establish that your file existed at a specific point in time and has not been altered since then. This is helpful for your intellectual assets, to safguard your IP Rights.