Our Story

ExpertEvidence.Org was started with a simple objective of easily capturing  content from the internet and getting corresponding digital documents admissible in courts of law, as we learnt people were using screenshots, simple printouts etc. which on their own could not be made admissible as evidence. While working on this, we realised how big the problem is due to high internet usage in our society and recurring denial of justice as there is hardly any means to obtain such legally admissible digital evidence. Drop us a message if you want to know more about this..
When Nitin developed an MVP with the help of some engineering students, it was covered in various national dailies. It was a time when even the name of the tool was not known until its creator came up with it upon being asked by a journalist. Later, we started working with various State Police Departments to improve the tool and increase its usefulness to society. Susmith joined the team as an intern; he took a roller coaster ride to become lead developer and later even decided to drop out of college.

Currently, we are striving for the growth of ExpertEvidence.Org. In a bid to serve society, we provide access to ​justice with our legal web archiving tool, which delivers digital evidence with a secure chain of custody,  establishes its authenticity and is compliant with Indian laws as well as international standards.



The Team


Nitin Sudhakar

Nitin is an entrepreneur, a law student and former Chief Operating Officer - India for EZ Group, Singapore. He has been  involved in various tech projects & business development through EZ and startups before coming forward to intersect law & tech.  

Susmith Krishnan

Susmith is a college dropout who believes in real world experience and problem solving. While being a student he was leading the Student Developer Clubs for Google. He has his own unique way of doing things and loves travelling.